Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Les Vacances Scolaire

Oh how wonderful to have 2 weeks off for All Saints day! Oh the plans we had, plans of travel and site seeing within our little village. And then....the weather....well, the weather was uncoperative with our plans. It has been cold, windy, rainy to the point where some parts of France were severely flooded, entire towns under 2 meters of water!

So needless to say, our adventure was cut and we spent the entirity of our vacation inside...oh can anyone say cabin fever? So here are a few pictures of the miserable weather...not sure if you can tell from previous pictures but this pictures shows how much the water has ripped away the sand of our beach, it's almost completely gone.

From this picture you can see the huge waves, you see the man between the railings and see how much taller the waves are than he? Not exactly Hawaii waves, but pretty big none-the-less.

We were able to escape two times during this time, once to go to church in Valluris, this is our home church while here in France. You see a picture of Abigail standing in front of it, it's actually in the Picard building (an excellent store that sells frozen goods). The other outing we had was to my friends Nathalie and Laurent's beautiful house in Frejus Centre, where we spent a lovely day and evening just socializing. It was nice to see different surroundings. And that was our holiday...

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