Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fanny's 13th Birthday Party

Last night we were honored to be invited to our friend's (Nathalie and Laurent) daughter Fanny's 13th birthday party. It was doubly special as it was just the family and closest of friends, we've truly been blessed to have these precious people as friends.

We arrived around 4:00 with our other friends Lisa, Rick and Irie, parked in the free parking lot of Frejus Centre and strolled up the street of the old town to their century old house where they live and have divided it up into an additional six apartments to rent out. It is a spectacular house and the refurbishing is to die for, they've really done the house justice. More on their house later hopefully accompanied by photos for your enjoyment.

In total we were, Laurent, Nathalie, Laure and the birthday girl Fanny, Laurent's parents Serge and Gennette, Laure's boyfriend Aurillian, Fanny's two friends Layla and Charlotte, a friend of Nathalie's Corrinne and the the American entourage. There were cakes and candy and coffee, tea and champagne to be had by all. We talked and talked and laughed and laughed. The girls (Abigail and Irie) enjoyed time with all the young people. They played Wii, fought with balloons, played with the pet rabbit and generally made a ruckus.

We discussed many topics ranging from the process of Foie gras to hula to innuendos to the differences between America and France. The American contingent started asking each other what was the etiquette on leaving, "do you leave early?" or "do you leave late?" which is better, so finally we decided that around 8:00 we'd gracefully make our exit and hope that we hadn't over-stayed our welcome. I know with Nathalie and Laurent it would not be a problem but you just never know.

So as we strolled the still lively streets of Frejus Centre, we discussed the evening and Rick's rendezvous with Laurent, a buddy and Serge tomorrow morning at 9:00 to go bike riding together. Rick is an amazing guy, really wanting to have some male bonding time and it is difficult to come by as men do not in general make friends as easily as women and then you throw in a language barrier and it really messes things up. So Rick with very little french is going with the guys who speak even less English! Bon courage a tout!

Happy birthday Fanny!!!


Rick said...

You need some comments :)

So, thanks for the nice compliment!

Michelle et Abigail said...

Hey thanks! You were my first...quickly followed by my brother!

I'm official now.

Nathalie said...

Je crois qu'elle n'aime pas cette photo! She'll detest you to publish it!!