Wednesday, November 26, 2008

VTT at the Base Nature

Well this blog was to be about Abigail's VTT experience (recently started up on Wednesdays) but it turns out it is "our" experience. Yes, I know it is hard to believe for some (my body being one) that I climbed back on to a bike after 30 years! It was hysterical, scary, exhausting, fun and exciting all at the same time.

Abigail of course had no problem, having only been on a bike a few short months ago, though I don't think quite this complicated of a bike...for me it was a technical disaster. What happened to bikes in the past 30 yrs? When I was a kid you had a big cushy seat, handle bars and you hit the breaks by turning the peddles backwards...tres simple. Mais non! Now it's the smallest seat imaginable and about as comfortable as sitting on a brick and about the same size. The handlebars had the breaks on them in a squeezing motion as well as some numbers on both side that corresponded to something....still not quite sure what. The left had 1, 2, 3 and the right 1-9, I was instructed different times to move the 2 to 3 on the left and back again but never dared mess with the right.

Abigail and I both went for a detour in the trees, me more bike seemed to like it best really "off road". My bike also like the taste of my pants and chewed up a nice hole in the right leg...I was told later by Lisa that I was supposed to roll them up or tuck it in my socks..oh well. Abigail got "brushed" by a few trees and had her ankle chewed up. Neither one of us fell but we did crash into one another one time.

However despite our mini-adventures inside our adventure we were able to conquer some scary looking hills that our compadre Nicolas (not my Nicholas) thought were amusing and then tired of them quickly. But for Abigail and I, it was like conquering Mount Everest.

Now as we near bed time, my thighs are screaming and my bottom is surely bruised. There must be a better way!


John said...

Cool site, I am at work now so I can not read it all but looked at all the pics and you are lucky I cannot leave a comment for your opening picture..... Eat one of those as big as your head for me!!!! We were at EPOCT and had to settle for what they had there but was wishing for one of those the whole time.....

We miss and love you and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving even though you may not celebrate it over yonder

Michelle et Abigail said...

Why, my dear brother do you think I have a picture of the tropezienne on the home page? It is for you!

Nathalie said...

Pauvre Michelle! Tu as eu mal au derrière pendant 3 jours après cette difficile épreuve! Mais il faut persévérer, après ça fait moins mal!!