Sunday, November 23, 2008


As promised I have more pictures of my new friends here in France. Today's blog will concentrate on my "French" friends, more later on the wonderful "American" friends I've met thousands of miles from the United States.

In this picture you see us returning from a gourmet lunch at Abigail's favorite restaurant no matter the country...McDonald's (or as it is called here McDos). You can see Laurent and Fanny along with Abigail and myself as Nathalie is running backwards to take this great shot. I love France as you walk everywhere you go practically. That is how I am still managing to loose weight despite these little trips!

Now here is Nathalie and Laurent, the happy couple. They are two of the nicest people I've ever met. They are so incredibly generous with their kindness and offerings of help that itat times catches me by surprise that they would go so out of their way. They are truly a gift from the Lord, plus they make me laugh!

Here is a picture of Nathalie and I after my English class, she joins me for class every Thursday morning and complains that her English is not up to par, but she is a wonderful student. She

speaks fluently, with an accent of course, and needs help only now and again. She is every teacher's dream student!

And finally here we are the three amigos, Nathalie, myself and Helen (my little friend) I call her this as you can see she is quite is a hard translation to make into French...I think it has a different meaning all together but we get a kick out of it everytime, so I continue. Helen is one funny lady and she never fails to make me laugh at least one time everytime I see her. Everyone should have a Helen in their lives..if not be a Helen!

Hopefully the next writing will be on my wonderful American friends....till then.....

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Nathalie said...

Oh merci pour tous ces compliments sur nous, vraiment! If I am a good student it's because you are a good teacher, and I really would speak a good English; I am so glad to understand -almost- everything with you !