Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neuf is Working!!!

This...ladies and gentlemen, is what a Neuf Box looks like when it is working! That's right you heard me right...my Neuf works as of today.....after 11 weeks of badgering, crying and what not...it is working!!
France Telecom sent a wonderful man to fix my line and after working on it for about an hour and a half, it was fixed! We are in business....so by divine intervention my friend Nathalie and her daughter Fanny were here helping (or doing..depending on how you saw it) Abigail decoupage her heart box when he came. So there was no french barrier when it came to all the technical words. I gave the nice man several big hugs and sent him on his merry way. Then (and here's the funny part) I tried to call Nicholas and Maman....and they were not home! I wanted it to be a surprise, but the surprise was on me.
Anyways as I was jumping up and down (literally) in pure joy and being connected to the world, I decided to have a "fete" (party) to celebrate and asked the key people who'd been helping me here in Frejus Nathalie and her husband Laurent....Rick and Irie had shown up to return the car and see if Abigail could spend the night so I asked them to join us as well. We all headed downstairs to the restaurant next door and ate wonderful food and even better company! I love my friends here, they are keepers the lot of them!
In all seriousness, this day was huge for me as I have not been able to keep contact with my friends and family and my special honey Nicholas. I've tried via the wifi connection of the restaurant downstairs but it comes in huge waves...one minute you were on and in a deep "chat" IM style and the next second you're offline and it took you 5 minutes at least to get back on...very irritating when trying to have a deep conversation or just a conversation period.
But now I can email, IM or call anyone!! Ain't God good!!

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