Friday, November 7, 2008

Lilly has moved to another home!

Well, depending on who you ask this can be an extremely joyous day or perhaps a somewhat sad one. After much discussion and the start of her "heat cycle" Abigail and I decided that with me going to all my different functions and now starting to teach every Thursday morning, it was not fair to her to be couped up all the time on the terrace.

So we placed an ad online and received several people who were interested in her...finally a young lady came yesterday with her little 2 year old girl and fell in love with Lilly straight away and of course vice versa. So, Lilly has gone to live where the movie stars roam the streets (Cannes). The young lady doesn't work and will be able to take Lilly on walks every day, several times a day so I feel that she has a better home.

This was yet another expensive lesson for me to learn, I seem to only go to the school of hard knocks...but I learn! No more animals for me!! Though Abigail woke up missing her, I think it'll be better for her as well as she had grown tired of having to clean up all the messes that the dog made everyday.

So farewell Lilly, hello freedom!

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