Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Previous Trip to Monaco

I was given a wonderful opportunity to visit Monaco in group through Frejus Vous Accueil, the place I will be volunteer teaching at, as well as taking several classes myself. It was only 25 euros for the day and we were transported in a nice big bus and since it was on Monaco's Fete de Patramonie all the museums and tourist buses were free! So we were able to cover much ground (not that it's huge..the country itself is in fact just a city) in little time.

It was interesting place, it is not a kingdom for they have no king, but they do have a prince (the son of American movie star, Grace Kelly) and he was "in" as the flag was up on the castle where we tour and he lives...but alas I did not meet my prince today so I won't be a princess after all. What a shame! We watched (or tried to) the changing of the guards at the palace, went to the exotic gardens, a museum of the prince's own car collection (impressive if not a waste of money) and strolled the streets in general. We had a lovely meal at this cafe along the narrowest streets I've seen yet...I'm not sure a bicycle could pass without touching the buildings! I had a 3 cheese pizza that was the size of a medium to large pizza back home and that was supposed to be for one person! It was delicious but couldn't finish it completely...c'est triste!

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