Saturday, October 25, 2008

Festival International de l' Air - October 25th

Today, we went to the Base Nature for the 11th annual Kite Festival. It was an amazing site to see every kind of kite imaginable from Tigger to puffer fish to Gill from Nemo.
There was also a competition of the different nations and their aerial tricks set to music. It was quite spectacular and had such a wonderful festive atmosphere even Lilly seemed impressed.
At one point we were watching all the beautiful kites in the sky, I heard Abigail start to laugh and call out to me. When I looked there was a kite about one inch above my head, when I moved it moved with me. No mater where I went it went with me, finally I looked and saw who was attached to the kite...a gentleman who was playing tricks with me! The skill involved in such a simple thing. We left laughing out loud and watched as he began to do the same thing to someone else.

It was such a gorgeous day!

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