Friday, October 10, 2008

Abigail is learning to kayak!

Abigail is taking sport class after school on Mondays and Fridays, mainly to help her with her French but also for friends and fun and she loves it. We had looked into kayaking lessons on Wednesdays but found that the 100 euro price was a bit steep for Mommy's checkbook, so we sadly gave that idea up.
Then low and behold one day the sports teacher announced that they'd be doing kayaking on Wednesday afternoons! God is good to those that wait! So she's gone now twice and to say she loves it would be an understatement. In this picture, it was her very first lesson and they were practicing on dry land...which went better than in the water but it was her first time. It was such a cold and wet day that day, I thought for sure she'd come back complaining (for I was freezing just watching) but she was so pleased and literally counted the days till her next class.

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