Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nicholas has purchased his ticket

After many discussions back and forth as to when would be the best time to come and Nicholas' anxiety over leaving his beloved Russia and starting a new phase in his life with us...he finally bought his ticket!! He is due to land on April 29th and we could not be more thrilled!
I have been so happy for him to get this wonderful opportunity to live in his country, the country he has spent the most of his life studying....the history he wants to teach displayed before his very eyes. He has experienced Russia in a way most people will never get the opportunity to experience.
Having said all that, it has been hard being away from him during this time. He is such a joy in my life and that of Abigail's that a part of "us" has been missing. As Nicholas likes to remind me often, this time apart has not been a total waste for me as it has allowed me to experience my life long dream of being in France, my family's country. I also have been blessed to really get to know the family that stayed here...though they used to come every summer when my grandparents were alive, it was hard to really get to know them on a personal basis. Now I've been given that wonderful gift. I love them all dearly.
As I grow to love this land more and more each day, it boggles my mind as to why my parents decided to move to the United States...whatever made them decide to leave? This will be a question for my mother if she can make it here this summer.
I'm excited that we've decided (and was given permission) to stay another year here. It will advance Abigail's rapidly growing French skills, giving her many advantages in her later life, as well as helping mine (less rapid). And now to be able to share the Payee d'amour with my Nicholas will only deepen our love of life and each other.
So count the days down with of this post....31.
Love you Nicholas


William said...

Hi Guys:
Have been reading your posts and following your adventures. Nice that you get to stay anotheer year.
The short ime we were in Europe and in France we really enjoyed the countries and people, even with not being able to understand or speak the languages.

We really enjoyed Frejus and metting you guys.

Glad you are haveing nice warm weather. We just go snow today after it all being gone. Arhhhhh!!

Bill & Karen Browne

Michelle et Abigail said...

It was nice to meet you guys too! Sorry you guys are getting hit with snow again...seems like this year has been a bad weather year for almost everyone!

Take care