Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring has sprung in the south of France

If you were to look at a calander it would not be officially Spring yet, but here by the sea it surely has arrived! Frankly it's not a moment too soon for me. As you know I hate the cold and wet weather and we had the coldest and wettest weather for this part of France that anyone from here can ever luck. So to see the flowers in bloom, and to see the sunshine daily, feel it's warmth and the gentle ocean breezes is just the medicine I needed!

It's a wonderful time and everyone is emerging from their homes like bears who come out of hybernation. There are people everywhere, on the beach lounging, strolling the sidewalks, at the local parks, walking their name it they are outside.

And to find the gorgeous flowers doesn't take much effort on your part. The flowers here I found right next to Abigail's school, where she goes to Sports on Mondays and Fridays, the yellow Mimosa tree is a house nearby, though those are everywhere...they are starting to end their season now but they were magnificant to behold. And the tulip tree above is a neighbor of Jacquline at Saint-Christol.

Even the tourists seem to be trickling in bit by bit, stores are opening up that have been closed all winter long...Frejus seems to be awakening from it's deep slumber as well. We are all chomping at the bit to get into the ocean but as for now it's a TAD cold for that, though Abigail's friend Irie already took a dip....granted she came out blue (just kidding) As for me, I think I'll wait it out a bit, what with the cold winter I'm sure that water is frigid!

With spring comes the hopes and promises of visits, hopefully Maman, Jean-Pierre, Ariel and Karisa will all come this summer, also we're supposed to get a visit from Nicholas' brother top that all off we've got to say good bye to our dear friends the Bailey Brownes as they head back to Oregon on the 3rd of July. Then we must also think about trying to plan a trip late this summer to visit America and the rest of the families there.

So life is budding and there should be more posts than there have been of late. We visited a bamboo forest near Anduze the other weekend and I've some beautiful pictures to share of that visit too. Till then!

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