Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another American/French Family in Frejus!

A few weeks ago, while Rick and I were waiting to pick up the girls from school, we heard a fimiliar sound...English and with an American accent. It was Kurt, this really nice guy from the Midwest who's little boy Charlie had been going to the same school! What are the chances, three American-ish families in one school?
Kurt has been in France for 20 years and is married to a lovely French woman named Stephanie, thier little boy is a dual citizen (thank you ever so for your correction Lisa and Rick)and he now refuses to speak English (funny).
They invited us over for dinner last night and we had a really good time getting to know this family. They were very generous, kind and very open, we had a wonderful evening and they invited us again to join them on Sunday to play baseball at the Base...that should be fun. Hopefully I will remember this time to bring my camera.
Kurt lives here in Frejus but actually works in Paris if you can believe it. He travels via the TGV to Paris on Mondays (4 hours) and then comes home on Fridays (another 4 hours). He is a very energetic and enthusiastic man and his wife Stephanie is quite and very funny.
It's funny that it took us almost the entire year to learn that there was another American. The girls had such fun playing with Charlie, all we could hear was giggle and squeals and then a "thunk" as Irie did a nose-dive off the top bunk onto the worries though she's up and running!
Hopefully we've met some new friends...can never have too many...will keep you posted.


Rick said...

Not to quibble, but we did not really consider them an American family. Charlie was born here in France, they have spent almost his entire life in France, and he speaks French. He is a lucky boy who has the option of dual citizenship, but we consider them a French family. We think if one were to interview each of them Charlie would say famille française and that he was French, and Kurt and Stephanie would say they are a mixed family, but mostly with French identity at this point.--Rick and Lisa

Michelle et Abigail said...

Good to hear your thoughts as always, thanks for sharing..duely noted...what then do you consider me? Since I have dual citizenship with an entire French family?

Rick said...

We consider you American with strong French heritage, lucky enough to have dual citizenship, and the longer you stay here, the more French you will become!