Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fete des Plantes

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day in the south of France! Nathalie and Laurent invited us to join them at the Fete des Plantes at the Villa Aurielliene. Originally I had thought this would just be an expo of plants to purchase and that there was. However there were some very beautiful arrangements, paintings, dancers and 'interesting' art on top of an already gorgeous day.

Some of the bouquets were a bit too 'artsy' for my taste but it couldn't take away from the beauty of the flowers themselves. Plus the villa was decked out in flowers top to bottom, roses, tulips, name it.

The flowers were stunning, the sold it, tools, grass and even as you see 10 year old wine vines...would have loved to have one but who knows how much they were and I know after two weeks in my hands it would be I took a picture watering necessary.

They even had this cute little car all covered in grass...yes, real do you mow a car, I wonder? Thoughts?

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