Thursday, April 16, 2009

Abigail goes rock climbing!

There are so many wonderful things about living here in France, too many to fully express with words. One of the things I love so is that Abigail has gotten the chance to do so many neat things here that she never would of had the chance to do in the States.

She has gone sea kayaking, mountain biking and now with the same sports group she is rock climbing! This time Mom tagged along with the group to take pictures. It was SO beautiful there and I got many pretty pictures but unfortunately my battery was running low so I only was able to take a little over 100 pictures...not many for me.

Here Abigail is being double and triple checked by Frank their trusted leader. He is a very kind and gentle man who loves the kids....he is also around 6'4" so Abigail laughs that my head must be totally cocked upwards to speak to him...just like a kid. So here she is also getting last minute tips as she heads up the rock.

Up she goes! This is the short climb, basically for them to gain confindence in themselves, Frank and the equipment...kind of a warm up. However, it was nonetheless challenging.

The last thing that she had to do before hopping on the bigger rock was to show "confidence" that the equipment would hold her by releasing the rope, leaning all the way back in a laying down position with her arms out to her side. It was a case of trust...otherwise she'd always wonder if she'd be safe and in the end hurt herself.

Well...we can say that my baby girl has the same trust issues that her Mommy has....oh well. She did great!

She finally made it on the "big rock" and had so much fun, and I can't tell you guys how proud of her I am. She conquered her fear! That 'a Girl!

You rock!

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