Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Moment to Reflect on God's Handiwork

Sometimes, we let our lives pass by us so quickly that we miss so many wonderful things that God has for us. Each day he paints the sky so many vivid colors that you could never quite capture in picture or painting. He gives us the oceans and seas and changes thier colors as well with just a change in the lighting.
He is the master artist after all, sadly we will skip right through the day and miss these blessings or we look and just take them forgranted. He put it there for YOU, He wants to make you happy.

Check out the two following pictures, as you can tell the pictures I take are always from the same place, my terrace. So it's the same view just with a touch of different color paints applied by God.
So picture one here is a beautiful sea view, where picture two is the same sea view but a different day and look at the change in water color! These are not altered!! It's God!

We have seen this same view with so much rain water in it that the sea actually turns brown...it's yuky! Also we've seen the sea so angry with huge waves that it has destroyed two restaurants on the beach (broke the back halves off)

And the shocker of all is the sunrise pictures I take...yes folks I did say sunRISE not sunsets...we're up that early to head off to school...or is it the sun comes up that late? Can these colors be believed?! All for you my friend, so today make sure and take the time to appreciate your surroundings no matter where you are and see the beauty that is all around you. Remember God paints in many colors, many shapes and sizes and beauty is in the eye of the beholder....we must only...behold.

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