Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Job Hunt...

Well...the job search continued....and then I had a bite! I had applied on line with a company here in France that specializes in helping children with their school work as tutors (they also work for adults). The next day I got a call and they wanted to set up an interview!
The interview was in Toulon (53 km away), too far to work but not to interview and as it was the only place they do interviews...I was going. So I got the required mug shots to give them as evidence as to who I was and why they should hire me :)
Then Lisa helped me buy my very first train ticket ever! We had discussed making a girls day out of the day with Lisa and Nathalie but at the last moment Nathalie was called into work so it was just Lisa and I and we made the best of our day together.

Lisa was such an angel to walk me through the steps at my age you'd think I would have done this before, but nope. So here we are at the Saint Raphael gare waiting on our train. Here is a tip for any other newbies out there. I was looking for Saint Raphael - Toulon because that was where I was going...right?...well Lisa informed me want to know where the train is other words its final destination and see if yours should be in that bunch (so NOT like a plane!) All this in 5 minutes I decided to shut up and just follow...

For those lucky ones of you who know Nicholas know quite well there is no such thing as crossing picket lines (I had been worried because the train workers were striking at the time) but was so glad when I saw this sign saying that everything was back to normal. So for Nicholas I took the picture as proof that I did not crush the worker bee!

Arriving in Toulon at the gare, we had hopes for the town as the train station was nice....and off we went to find the building...we found it and in time to get a cup of coffee before the interview. It was so comforting having Lisa there with me to support me all the way. Such an angel!
The time came, I went in....alone....was placed in a small room with two other people filling forms out. Then entered this man who started the interview process with all the legal stuff that goes with every job. Mind you all this was in French, which was spoken at lightening speed. He talked for about 45 minutes and never took another breath! He was very fast, but that wasn't what tripped me it was all the legal words that I had never heard of before...but I was give the booklet to read at home that I hope will explain everything he just said.
He then past me off to another lady who started interviewing me for an English job in French! Bizare but ok. Then she asked me to teach English in do the math, my mind was burning! I explained that what I was taught and believe is that your best chance at learning another language is full emersion and that is how I prefered to teach. But I went on in English answered some grammar questions and fake taught her on the -ing tense. She asked me about my hours and locations that I'd be willing to teach. She saw I had a CELTA certificate and was beside herself at the combination of all three! So I got the job or jobs!
Now....I must wait on two governments! I had to send a request to the French government to ask the American government if I'd committed any crimes...two weeks later I am still waiting. Once I get that in I can start! Yay me!

I found this hole in the plaza in the shape of a heart (which I love finding hearts in 'nature') so I took a quick pick. Though Toulon offered me a job, it wasn't much for a girls day out....we did have a good lunch, it was interesting because Lisa order duck and I was leaning that way too when the waiter was telling about the steak they had, I said sounds interesting but that was it and in that he changed both of our orders to the steak. lol but hey it was good. There was no shopping though we gave it go. We went home late due to train delays of over 1 hour and nothing in hand but a job!
To Date: I was approached by one of my new students that I teach on a volunteer basis to teach one-on-one! God is so good!

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