Monday, February 23, 2009

Fire Fighting Practice Over the Ocean

Abigail and I have been sick for a few days and therefore trapped indoors, which often means nothing to see or do..but the other day we were treated to quite the show.
There were three planes which simultaneously were practicing thier fire fighting skills over the ocean. Since we live near wooded land and mountains, there are very often fires. Abigail and I have noted we see at least one each Sunday on the way to church!
Being so close to forests and the sea, the choice method for putting out the fires is by plane. The planes will come to the ocean and scoop up the ocean water, take it to the fire and pour it out over the flames. Just as with anything they want to be skilled and to be skilled one must practice. So what better place to pick up and drop off water than over the ocean!
Our little show lasted for about half hour to forty-five minutes and was quite amazing! Enjoy!

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