Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Weekend 2009

Well, it was not the most romantic weekend ever...maybe for Rick and Lisa as they were off for the Fete de Citron in Menton...but for me it was all for the dogs and kids. (actually only one dog..Maggie)

Yes another year with Nick rolls around and another year we are not together on this holiday. Last year, he decided he needed to be with his brother for the weekend...this's mother Russia.

Oh well, the girls, maggie and I had a good weekend. Not much to write about....they played, Maggie pooed, I was cold and I hate the Browne's oven!! ARGH! It was playing games with me and I don't like being toyed with.

This was the infamous Mommy Baby Pajama today and Irie gladly joined in. Sunday we all went to church and then the weekend was over, just like that.

More dancing

Here Irie is doing her homework
And sweet Abigail doing her dishes


Rick said...

Well, well, well, I guess you had the très bon weekend!
I'd feel guilty except that it's really Nick who is feeling the guilt. :) I see from the pics that Maggie was working you to go outside. Sorry about the oven, it's really pas difficile.

But from the bottoms of our Valentine's hearts...we THANK YOU for allowing us to get away!!! We had a splendid time and you know we are always willing to repay a favor.
Bisous, Rick et Lisa

Michelle et Abigail said...

Your welcome you silly love birds! When Nicholas comes I may take you up on the favors.