Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally...crepes at my house!

Yes, finally we were able to use Nicholas' Christmas gift of a combo Raclette machine with a Crepe make on top. But as you can see from the pictures, it was NOT me who made them. It was my great friends Laurent and Nathalie. I told Laurent that a man who cooks is twice as good looking as one who doesn't (word to the wise).
Amazingly, I had all the necessary ingredients to make these delicious creations, and even the crepe pan...but what I didn't realize is that you need a stick to swirl the batter around (I didn't know because Maman never used one) and a wooden spatula as to not scratch the pan..(again didn't know this either as Maman never used one) So it was a bit primitive and you can see by Laurent's face he does not find the working conditions worthy. But we mustered through these trifle things and were blessed to eat some amazing crepes (Thanks to Laurent and his lovely assistant Nathalie)

Here you can see that they tasted good as Lisa is enjoying her first Laurent crepe. Everyone had different ideas as to what should be on the inside...for's always sugar and only sugar, but I have learned that even here that is not the case. One popular filling is Nutella, we had honey (both Lavender and Orange and butter and sugar. Everyone was happy and we got stuffed on this "snack".

After the sugar had fully kicked in Laurent and Abigail started to play, he is so good with Abigail and loves to play...I think he misses his girls being as young. Abigail loves him now and plays constantly with him, though at first she was a bit intimidated by more...they are buds.
And so a wonderful Sunday was spent...first a great church service, a walk on the beach in the sun and ended with many many crepes....a perfect day in the south of France.

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