Friday, January 16, 2009

Marseille, the next stop

Marseille is a town of over 1.6 million people and I believe every single one of those 1.6 million people were on the road the day we showed up. I was the one doing all the driving as my car is a stick-shift and Nicholas "claims" to not know how to drive one. So my thoughts or Marseille and the other big towns we visited in regards of driving and amount of people mirror that of this gentleman from the Pavillion Vedome in Aix. Headaches galore, I definetly perfer my small villiage of Frejus!!

That is not to say that there was not many, many interesting things to see in Marseille, for there was. I think one of my favorites was the Palais Longchamp built in 1839. It was quite impressive!

Next door to the Palais was a wonderful museum of Louis paintings and furniture that were just out in the open to possibly be touched and stolen, though they have monitors and video cameras. Nicholas found it interesting that you could litterally sit on a chair that was several hunderds of years old before being stopped. I called it the "suckling museum" for there were many painting of babies nursing their mothers.

There was much more but our trip was still in high swing. We caught this picture of L'Eglise de Reformers on the way out of town. Next on the trip was Aix-en-Provence

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