Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to "sum up" time with my love...

How do I sum up time spent with Nicholas? Amazing, wonderful, enchanting, mesmerizing, fun, filled with love, laughter and life! That was my time with Nicholas. He flew in on the 18th of December for Christmas, a holiday which I normally love so much but which I was dreading knowing that Devan would no longer be a part of our celebrations.
Meeting him at the airport...knowing it was actually him and not a dream was wonderful. The next three weeks seemed to have flown by! (that why no posts while he was here) So to try and sum up what we were able to accomplish in three weeks will mainly have to be pictorial for now and perhaps future posts I will go into depths on each place we visited. Here to follow is our piddling time in Frejus the first couple of days.

Here I am in utter bliss as I have my baby with me! We tried to visit Frejus' library but got there just in time to have the door shut as we peered was lunch time, so we took time to enjoy the beautiful park in the parking lot.

We also visited a lot of historical sites in Frejus to wet our appetites for what was to come. Here Nicholas and Abigail stand next to the Roman Aqueducts of Frejus. Water was brought by these very aqueducts to Frejus from 40 km to the northeast since Julius Caesar founded the city in 50 B.C.

These pictures are from Frejus' amphitheatre which was able in it's hay day to seat up to 12,000 spectators. Half the side is as it was found in the 60's and the other half is "renovated". This sparked the ongoing debate of the vacation as to whether or not ancient ruins should be simply preserved as is or restored to what it used to look like. I must say Nicholas and I fell on opposite sides on this discussion, but it was an interesting discussion.
We also spent Christmas eve in Frejus (a later post) and came back for a couple of days at the end before heading off to Nice to take him to the airport. Check back in for the next city!

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