Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well school is in full swing now...Abigail is enjoying her new teacher Mme Branche. She will be doing all subjects this year including history and she is quite excited about it. She is see her French teacher Mme Blanc three times a week and will also be going to "Soutien" three times a week to help her with her French. So I really feel that this school year will really make all the difference for her.

Abigail was happy to find most of her friends from last year still here (except Irie...we miss you). One of which is Charlie, and with Kurt now spending much more time here in the South we were able to hook up and have a "hamburger party" last Friday. Yummy! We had a wonderful time eating, talking and playing games. I even found out that Kurt and Charlie love Petanque!! So we may actually get a chance to play!
Hopefully much more on this soon.

And just for a note of oddity, this sign from my neighborhood....I have no idea what this means...this a 4-way intersection with a "sens unique" or one-way going to the left and to the right, they have the same sign but coming from the other direction heading home there is no sign...all I know is that no matter what I do, other cars get angry.

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