Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in France!

Well we are back in France after our two week stent in Georgia visiting family. It was good to see them but we are glad to be back at home....even if we're not actually in our apartment. Luckily for us we have incredible friends and so we're staying with Nathalie & Laurent. They are the kindest of people...Merci mes amis.

We returned extremely late on the 2nd only for Abigail to start school on the 3rd (poor girl) she is now officially in CM2 (5th grade). So far school has been a blast for her as they are kayaking half the day for the first two weeks of school! Can you believe it....a kid's dream! Her new teacher's name is Mme. Branche and I am eager to meet her, scheduled for this Tuesday, she looks quite young but Abigail says she is quite nice. Unfortunately her best "french friend" Margot is not in her class as they were divided into 3 separate CM2 classes...however several of her friends are, so she has the opportunity to get to know them even better.

She is registered again for her sports class afterschool on Mondays and Fridays and also Wednesday afternoons where she'll again be able to do mountain biking, rock climbing and the like. I also registered her this year for kayak lessons on Wednesday mornings from 9-12, so she'll be a little expert by the end. This will help her and me as I will be working for the most part full time...even on Wednesdays.

It is hard to be at the school and not see Rick, Lisa or Irie's smiling faces...just not the same...We miss you guys.

More later and with pictures.

Till then....

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