Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visiting Family in the U. S. of A.

Well, just to keep up with my blogs...we are here in Georgia visiting family. Actually Abigail is off visiting her Dad and other Grandparents while I hang out with my fam....I miss her SO VERY MUCH!!

I've been productive though....found my red, peep-toe, slingback heels that I have been searching for, for months with the help of Karisa...YAY ME! So as a celebration I purchased the matching black ones and another pair of white ones. I've updated my work wardrobe while I've been here and pretty much taken advantage of the cheap prices here. I came here with just a backpack and will leave with backpack and luggage.

I've also been eating all my favorites that I miss in France like Sushi and Chic-fil-A as well as my Mom's cooking ...tonight is Buche de Noel!

Looking forward to going home..

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