Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long time, no blog...

Many things have happened this summer, as as you can see from the last post...I have not taken (or had) the time to write. So I hope to in this blog to hit the high notes.

I can start by saying that Abigail passed CM1 and will enter into CM2 September 3rd...she had all good grades...I am so very proud of her for coming to France last year not knowing one word and excelling in her grades! Go Abbie!!

We had to leave our paradise on the sea, a.ka. Marie-Claude and Philippe's, and bounce around
this summer in between family, hotels and Sergine's (our soon to-be new home). During this house hopping we also have received guests....the first to come was Nicholas at the end of April, followed by my Mom who came to visit for a couple of months and took advantage to visit her sisters and the same time. Then the big visit with my brother Jean-Pierre, his daughter Ariel and his girlfriend was so good to see them as it had been one year since we last set eyes on them.

We did many many things of which I'm sure I will forget to mention some wonderful things but I will do my best. First of all, of course we showed our guests around Frejus. We then went to Avignon, Arles, Monaco and Dragiunan.

Then we went to the Loire valley and saw many an awe-inspiring castles, so much to see in too little amount of time. Believe it or not I was actually cold...thus my brother's jacket in the picture.....we tried to decide which castle we liked best...I think for sheer awe it must be Chambord! We also saw Chiverney, Chenonceau and the Royal Castle in Amboise.

We then headed up to Paris, the city of light! It was so exciting to be in the city that I've dreamed about all my life....we were hurried to see as much as possible....and due to last minute (thankfully available reservations) we were not in the 'nicest' quarter...but we were in Paris!

Not only this but we were there for the 120 anniversary of the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day! What an experience that was!

We saw most of the sites in Paris including the Louvre, the Catacombs, Notre Damn, Monmarte,
Sacre Coeur, the Arc de Triumph....the paris metro (not as nice as aforementioned sites)

We were in Paris for one week, tons to see...we also took a day to go see Mont Saint Michel (my mountain) but unfortunately we were not able to stay too long and did not have the time to go to the beaches of Normandy...this will have to wait for another day. Now we await our trip to the States so that Abigail can visit her Dad, then as soon as we get back, a grand total of 8 hours after arriving on French soil...Abigail will start her first day in CM2!! Till next post!

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