Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in England

We were able to make a quick getaway to England for Thanksgiving this year as Nicholas had to visit the University of Birmingham for Postgraduate Open Days.

On the whole the trip was quite successful as he was very much encouraged by the professors there at his chances of being accepted into their PhD program.

We also were able to see much of the main sites that England has to offer and they were quite beautiful. However, that is where our enjoyment stops. We were quite surprised by the absolute across the board rudeness of the people. We met only one lady who was nice who worked at Hampton Court. It even got so bad as my GPS was stolen at the storage facility we kept our luggage at for a few hours. On top of all this the

weather was complete misery, very very cold and wet. When we left we had checked out the local weather reports and it seemed to be having the same weather as we were having in we were all suffering on that account.

All in all my first visit there 20+ years ago was so much more favorable. But as you can see we were able to see the known sites such as Hampton Court, the home of Henry VIII and it's wonderful maze. Big Ben and Parliament, the London Tower Bridge and the London Eye. But also so lesser known sites such as Karl Marx's grave site as well as my favorite....the TARDIS outside Earl's Court train station. For those who are unaware of this, it is from Doctor Who a wildly popular show out of England of a Time Lord and his companions. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Distance In Space and it is the Doctor's space ship. Pop on to youtube and check out a show or two!

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