Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family, Friends, music and Roman ruins

It is so good to have Maman here in France (though she is currently visiting her sisters). We have tried several little excursions with her as she was still suffering from jet lag.

So we went and saw Marie-Claude and Philipe at their place and had them come over for Nicholas' famous "white enchiladas" which turned out to be a great hit. It's hard for anyone to not like is full of creamy goodness! I'm sure it was good for them to see their apartment again after such a long time....we don't have too much longer in this million dollar view place and we will miss it terribly....(merci!)

We also in the meantime had our expo of our arts that we had created over the was quite a spectacular expo...not due to us but rather in spite of us! In this photo we have the lovely Annie, Helen, Josaine and Nathalie....artwork themselves!

Here was a rare occasion for was girls night out! Katell invited Lisa, Nathalie and I out for a drink after she got off work...unfortunately Nathalie was unable to attend (we missed you Nat!) We all ordered smoothies pronounced in french "smoozies" It was a great evening perfect weather, nice breeze and good friends and my baby was taken care of by my sweet Nicholas.

Also we were able to see Irie's first piano recital (though the pictures didn't turn out that great) but we were late (my fault) so we weren't allowed in but I found a "window-door" that opened right into the recital we had front row seats but with a breeze! She was GREAT!

Afterwards, since we were running like chickens with our heads cut off to get there and didn't have the time to take in the sights...we took our time going home and stopped to see the ruins at the Villa....Nicholas is always happy to see Roman ruins! Here he is touching the channel where water used to flow during Roman times....he always gets giddy.

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