Monday, December 15, 2008

A wild storm!

Saturday night, the 13th the wind began to howl around 10 pm so loud I could not hear myself think. It continued all night long and all day long on Sunday. At the same time the wind was keeping me from sleeping, Abigail's coughing was doing the same. So in the morning I thought I'd run down to the Pharmacy to pick her up some medicine to help her to feel better before Nicholas' arrival. I got all bundled up for the wind and out I went.
Just as soon as I hit the outdoors I was blown around like a leaf! I decided to forgo the walk that I had intended and take the car the very short distance. As I made that decision in my head I noticed two little old ladies huddle and clinging to a tree...I guess deciding their next move, or gathering their strength. I rounded the corner, out of the protection of my building and headed toward my car. That's when the full force of the wind hit me and I began to wonder if I could make it the five feet to the car. I made it and bent down to unlock the door, I looked at myself at the reflection in the window and had to laugh as my hair was blowing straight up. I jumped in the car and started to back up as I saw the women crossing the street...their little drag behind shopping carts flying in the wind at arm's level. A moment's pity and off I went...only to find the Pharmacy closed on Sundays! Zut Alors! So I went home and plied Abigail with tea and vitamins.

So today I decided to go check out the damage, if any....check out the following photos. First is the pier. There should be sand all the way up to the gated area to start with and then if you notice towards the 'splash' that there is several lengths of gate missing...who knows where they are.

The next couple photos is of the beach restaurant directly in front of my apartment called the Plage Privee...there are pieces of this restaurant strewn all up and down the beach! As you can see it sustained heavy damages....not sure how or when they will fix this but I hear that they come and replace the sand of the beach just before the tourist season, so at that time they will have to work fast.

This last picture is of the restaurant down the beach to the right of me if your looking at the ocean, called the Salamander. It had a sign saying that it was closed until March. Both of these
restaurants close for the winter as no one really wants to sit on the beach when it's cold so I'm not sure if it was already closed or if it was closed by the storm....but Abigail was invited to a birthday party this Wednesday and I was fairly sure it was at this restaurant.

In taking with some of my friends they say that this winter has been unusual, in the amount of rain and the cold and I would add surely the wind as I doubt these restaurants would repair each year.
According to the Meteo, the weather is supposed to start shaping up with more sun....boy am I ready!!

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